3 questions I ask when people tell me they want to be a writer

On a near-weekly basis, people ask me what they should do to become a professional writer. Before giving them advice, I often ask the same questions:

1.) What do you want to write? Fiction, non-fiction, articles, books, poems, etc.

2.) Have you been published before? Anywhere. Local newspaper, school publication, magazine, website, etc. If not, you need to before going for a reputable place. This may mean writing for free at first.

3.) Do you have a degree in journalism, English, public relations, technical writing, creative writing or communications? In freelance, it’s rarely asked for, but in full-time jobs, it’s often required (or just some degree with writing clips may do).

The advice I give for after figuring out #1 and completing #2 and #3 will probably be the topic of another blog. But these are the starting points.

The societal front (a short poetic rant)

What is it with this front we put on in society? When will we just allow ourselves to be who we are? Struggling people who get depressed and angry, who have kinky fantasies, who masturbate, who swear, who get sick, who sometimes have wrong beliefs and sometimes have right ones, who sometimes are good and sometimes are bad, who can love and hate more often or more intensely than ever imagined, who ultimately die and who rarely outlive three generations in memory.

Take off that ridiculous mask so I can see your humanity and connect for real.

The Overblown Stigma of Genital Herpes (my newest article)
The Overblown Stigma of Genital Herpes (my newest article)